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​解決方案 | 數位房仲



Property Technology


ThinkCloud provides the highest level of security for remote-contract signing. With audio-visual recording of the signing process, SelfieSign ensures that your contract is legally binding and non-repudiable, putting you and your customers at ease without the hassle of in-person meetings.


SelfieSign for PropTech


Real Estate Entrusted Contract

With SelfieSign, agent can remotely sign and track the status of the contracts.


Deposit Receipt

SelfieSign guarantees validity of every document signed, including the deposit receipt, guaranteeing both lessee and lessor's rights.

Offering Document

Agent can efficiently communicate the needs of the lessee and purchaser to the lessor and seller, increasing communication and negotiation efficiency, leading to successful transaction.

Instruction of Real Estate

Property owner, agent, and customer can sign on a tamper-proof Instruction of Real Estate, putting all parties involved at ease.

Digital Lease Contract

A tamper-proof contract can be signed within 10 minutes after the agreement without the needs of in-person meeting.

Utilities Checklist

After the whole checklist is agreed by all parties and signed with SelfieSign, it will be legally binding with no space for dispute.

Revolutionize Your Customer Service Quality

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