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ThinkCloud Technology is founded in 2012 by Mr. Charles Wu, Superintendent of Lian An Hospital, Taiwan. It is built with the objective to optimize operational processes in the medical field through digitalization, while ensuring information security.

Despite Taiwan's efforts to promote digitalization of medical records over 10 years ago, the current medical operation process is still largely paper-based. Added with the problem of medical staff shortage, this leads to overworked staff problems. To address this issue, our team has developed SelfieSign - a product that leverages document digitization and unique signature technology to shorten processing time and reduce the workload on medical staffs.

Electronic signature technology has advanced significantly, but some issues remain unresolved, such as ensuring the signer's identity and the status of the signature. To address these challenges, SelfieSign has developed a groundbreaking solution that employs synchronous video recording during the signing process, capturing the signer, event, time, location, and context. Inspired by tennis players signing autographs on camera lenses after games, this technology helps prevent disputes over counterfeit electronic signatures. With SelfieSign, you can sign with confidence, knowing that your signature is secure and authenticated.

SelfieSign has already made a significant impact on the medical and financial industries. Today, ThinkCloud Technology's customers include China Affiliated Medical, Cathay Life Insurance, Yuanta Securities, Taichung Veterans General, Hualien Tzu Chi, Chang Gung, Kaohsiung Affiliated Medical, and Mackay Hospital.

Together, ThinkCloud Technology and China Affiliated Hospital have created Taiwan's first paperless hospital, with an average of 200,000 electronically signed consent forms per month. With the adaptation of SelfieSign, the hospital has been able to save over 13 million in labor costs and over 18 million sheets of paper annually leading to the "Paperless Initiative " and "Innovative Application Service Promotion" gold awards by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2016.

We're committed to building upon our strong foundation and leveraging our experience in the medical industry to extend the use of our products, from medical centers to clinics. Our goal is to make "Paperless Healthcare" a reality for Taiwan. 

SelfieSign's value proposition also aligns well with the international ESG trend, attracting the attention of the financial services industry. SelfieSign can help these industries achieve their goal of "sustainable development." To that end we're actively expanding our cooperation with the financial services industry, introducing SelfieSign's audio-visual signature technology into their workflow.

SelfieSign's audio-visual signature technology has garnered international recognition, including the Gold Award and Top 100 Innovative Products Award at the 2016 Paris Lepin Invention Exhibition. Moreover, we are proud to hold 22 patents globally, spanning key regions such as Taiwan, the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, China, and Singapore.


 Delve Deeper


Organization Structure

At ThinkCloud Technology, our flat organizational structure empowers growth and innovation initiative for every employee.


Career Development

We foster a collaborative, multicultural environment that promotes effective communication and mutual support, enabling personal and professional growth.


Sustainable Development

We're committed to digitalization, creating a more sustainable environment.


Social Impact

We believe in empowering our employees to make a positive impact in society through contributing their unique skills and talents, and practicing the philosophy of "It is more blessed to give than to receive"


Environmental Protection

Our core value is to optimize the usage of digital tool to protect the world.


Technology and Innovation

Inspired by the tennis players signing on the camera lenses, we developed a patented technology of a revolutionary electronic signature

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