ThinkCloud與您相約在Startup Thailand 2018



想了解更多關於SelfieSign,或是直接體驗革命性電子簽章,歡迎前往Startup Thailand 2018, ThinkCloud期待與您相會。

See you at Startup Thailand

ThinkCloud will be exhibiting SelfieSign, revolutionary e-signature solution at Startup Thailand from May 17th ~ May 20th.

SelfieSign combines e-Signature with Selfie video simultaneously capture and record signing process while signature is being performed. This combination adds visibility and traceability by demonstrating the signer was alive, aware and approves the sign-off procedure for electronic documents during online/mobile transactions, which makes the entire process transparent.

Come visit us at Startup Thailand to learn more about SelfieSign and experience this revolutionary e-signature firsthand.

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