Preventive Healthcare APP

Quick conveniet access to screenings and health examination report

Preventive Healthcare App offers:

  • Recommendation of screening schedules specifically for individuals.

  • Reminders for screenings available to you and upcoming appointments with push notifications and alarms.

  • Allows appointments to be made online for screenings and examinations.

  • Access to medical reports and screening results.

"Family Care" feature allows you to provide care remotely for family members who do not have a smartphone.

This feature provide reminder  of the screenings available to your family member.

The latest healthcare information or screenings available will be updated to you via push notifications.

  • User-Friendly UI

  • Care for family

  • Reminder for examinations

  • Instant access to healthcare information



No copying ! No entering data ! Instinctive and Efficient!

As a result of change in lifestyle hypertension became frequent in younger age group. Blood pressure have to be managed properly. Only by measuring blood pressure regularly can cardiovascular diseases be prevented.

Dr.Cloud Sphygmomanometer :

  • Wireless transmission feature, data presented on 5-inch LCD screen.

  • Design prevents over inflation or over rapid deflation.

  • Blood Pressure Level indicated by color tone.

Dr.Cloud Sphygmomanometer

Dr.Cloud is not only a sphygmomanometer. It integrates with personal health management system. Measurement will be uploaded via Bluetooth, accurately recorded. And the automatic graphing function presents your physiology data in graphs and chart allows you to monitor easily.

Dr.Cloud Health Management System is an online platform integrating doctors, health educator and mobile medical society. Doctors and health educator can provide consultation remotely.

Furthermore, Family Care and Reminder function provides complete health management for you and your family's health.


Nurse Spider and Intelligent Mobile Nurse System

Improve medical quality and reduce costs

Equipped with Intelligent Nursing System Integrating Bluetooth transmission with measurement instruments.

Uploading data automatically which improves efficiency.

Small, Light, Handy, mobile, and affordable ! 

Nurse Spider is light and handy.

Clinical Testing shows using Nurse Spider saves up to one hour work each day and 30 minutes during late-night shift using Nurse Spider.

Special Feature:

  • Patient Barcode Scanning

  • Physiology Records

  • Automatic transmission

  • Notes created instantly on demand

  • Task Lists

  • Alerts

  • Sort by Measurement Frequency

Nurse Spider

Clinical E Assistant


Solution by integration of Bluetooth transmission and Cloud

  • Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Level Data Transmitted via Bluetooth

  • Access measurements simultaneously at Examination Room

  • Easy to set up

  • Examine and upload by single tap

  • Photo Records for Wounds and Symptoms

  • Archive for Audio and Video Records of important conditions

Clinical E Assistant is designed for measuring patients' physiology data such as blood pressure and blood sugar before entering examination room. The data is transmitted into doctor's computer via Bluetooth, easy for doctor to diagnose and provide suitable treatment.

Medical Staffs no longer need to copy data after Clinical E Assistant is introduced.

Also automatic upload of data prevents human error during copying and provide another step forward to paperless era.

Clinical E Assistant could be applied to Telecare. Healthcare is no longer limited by space and time, physiology data can be uploaded online for medical staffs to access them and provide advices.

Doctor's subscriptions can be acquired at the nearest pharmacies, provide convenience for patients suffering chronic disease or having difficulties with travelling to hospitals.

Attendant Call

Connects Carers and Patients

Attendant Call rectifies the limitations of the traditional communication method between carers and patients. Via wifi connection in hospital, calls from wards are directed straight to  mobile devices carried by carers on duty. So any emergencies can be deal with instantly.

  • Patients can also send push notifications, inform symptoms or needs to carers.

  • Shift management function allows carer to access patient information when starting their shifts. Suits varieties of shift arrangements.

  • Attendant Call improves the quality and efficiency of care in wards, provide patients a trusted and safer environment.

  • Simplified code for directed calls

  • User Friendly

  • Communication for free